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Baby Beckett | studio newborn session

Beckett was the very first newborn in the new studio space in Harrisburg, PA! First, let me tell you a little about the new studio. The new studio space is located right on Front Street in Harrisburg. Watching the sun setting over the river from the studio windows is kind of one of the best things about it. It is super bright and offers incredible natural light which is the perfect recipe for great photos. I can't wait to get more families and babies into the studio to put this good light to use!!

Now back to Beckett, he was all about snuggling. That's one things I love about the way I do newborns is that 90% of the time the parents are snuggling the baby. I love seeing how parents look at their new baby and soak it all in. The sleep deprivation fades away (for just a few seconds haha!) as they stare at tiny hands and feet.

Anyway, enough from me - enjoy a peak into Beckett's newborn session!

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