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the power of a mother

empowering mothers to show up and love just as they are

The Power of a Mother was created to empower mothers to show up and love, just as they are.

What does this look like?
Mothering your way and loving your way. Embracing your stretched, loose skin, being proud of how you choose to nourish your baby. Raising a generations of incredible human beings who watch their mothers loving themselves and their bodies.

The Power of a Mother sessions look different for everyone. You can come as you are comfortable. Your session can focus on the snuggles and connection, it can focus on how you nourish your baby, the transformation into motherhood. It can be one or all of those things. EVERY mother is powerful in whatever way they feel comfortable mothering. So yes, this is for you, even if you just want to snuggle your baby while I capture the goodness. It's also for you if you want to nurse your baby or capture the transformation of your body into motherhood.

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