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Often times, great suffering brings out great strengths. When times arise that leave you with the longing to document the strength through a trial or if a tough fight is coming to end, uprising. is here.

what we do

uprising. was created to give individuals and their families an opportunity to have a difficult journey documented so they can look back  and see all that was overcome, the rawness of their fight or capture the depth of the fight.  uprising. can be there to document the stages of a cancer journey or other illness,  connection between loved ones and simply togetherness before life on earth comes to an end. 

all uprising. sessions are donated to individuals or families. If you or someone you know is on a difficult unknown life journey and would like more information on how uprising. works, fill out the form below to start the process. 

examples of moments captured through uprising. for individuals and their families

- before chemo hair loss

- the chemo cut 

- series of bodily changes throughout cancer or other journey

- family togetherness prior to end of life

- end of life moments


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